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The Used—Heartwork

by Tom Springer The Used have always been a band that has played around with their sound. From their debut heavy screamo self titled album that helped bring forth the genre to the mainstream with songs like The Taste Of Ink that saw regular radio

Deer Tick—Mayonnaise

by Ken Jobe (@booksofjobe) It’s not uncommon, when hearing terms like “a handful of covers” and “alternate versions of previously released tracks” in the description of a band’s new release, to dismiss said release as one of two things: a desperate cash grab or filler

Band of Horses Make a Young Fan’s Life

by Ken Jobe (@booksofjobe) Last Sunday at Wichita’s legendary Cotillion Ballroom, I witnessed history. History for one young fan, anyway.

Let me back up. Sunday afternoon I found myself with an extra ticket to the Band of Horses/Bonny Doon show (thanks again, Billy!) and had