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Album Review: Fontaines D.C.—Dogrel

There is perhaps no more buzzed about band right now than Dublin-based post-punks Fontaines D.C. Between touring with IDLES, leaving audiences in awe at SXSW, and receiving heaps of critical acclaim, the band has a lot to live up to with the release of their

Episode 203: Traveling

Head out on the highway and hit the open road as Jeff and Jobe discuss songs about traveling—planes, trains, automobiles, and more. Jeff gives his review of the 1976 debut album from Boston, music from political punks Redbait from St. Louis, and Inversions in the

SWMRS—Berkeley’s On Fire

No matter how highly old punks may think of themselves, they’re as likely to have preconceived notions as almost anyone. Especially when it comes to the preciousness with which they treat their own genre—judging what does and doesn’t live up to their standards as “punk”

Review: Bob Mould—Sunshine Rock

by Ken Jobe (@booksofjobe) When thinking of words to describe punk icon and forefather of alternative rock Bob Mould, some of the last on the list might be “sunny” or “optimistic”. And yet, with the release of the former Hüsker Dü and Sugar frontman’s 13th

Hot Snakes Don’t Do Decaf

by Jeff Nale (@jeffnale) You’ve got to hand it to Hot Snakes—they know how to be a punk band. Not everyone might agree that the music they make—even Jericho Sirens, their fiercest and latest—is outrightly punk, but it doesn’t matter to them, or me. The

Gouge Away—Burnt Sugar

by Ken Jobe (@booksofjobe) In 2016, Florida’s Gouge Away released one of the year’s best (and perhaps most overlooked) hardcore albums with , Dies, a 13 song scorcher of a debut that spit sociopolitical fire and venom, and left listeners battered and bruised in its