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Episode 307: The Music of 1990

At long last, it’s a SUPER-SIZED episode!Allister has a “Pudding Time”Jobee is too scared of Mrs. Nale to give a bad review What do LL Cool J & George Michael have in common? 

Episode 204: TV Themes

Jeff and Jobee offer up their all time favorite TV theme songs—watch out for falling nostalgia! Jobe gives his review/reaction to Lost in the Dream by War on Drugs, the guys have wildly different opinions on Jeff’s current, Cass McCombs, and San Diego’s Casual Yak

Episode 203: Traveling

Head out on the highway and hit the open road as Jeff and Jobe discuss songs about traveling—planes, trains, automobiles, and more. Jeff gives his review of the 1976 debut album from Boston, music from political punks Redbait from St. Louis, and Inversions in the

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Episode 104: Killing Sacred Cows

Jeff and Jobe air their grievances with a few of the biggest names in music, taking some revered acts down a peg or two. Plus musical currents and the debut of the Spotify Wager.

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Episode 101: Good Songs by Bad Artists

The Ringing Ear Podcast is live, everybody! In the premiere episode, Jeff and Jobe set out to prove that if you look hard enough you can still find good music, even in the unlikeliest of places.