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Deer Tick—Mayonnaise

by Ken Jobe (@booksofjobe) It’s not uncommon, when hearing terms like “a handful of covers” and “alternate versions of previously released tracks” in the description of a band’s new release, to dismiss said release as one of two things: a desperate cash grab or filler

Review: Swervedriver—Future Ruins

by Ken Jobe (@booksofjobe) Oxford’s Swervedriver have always occupied an odd space in the shoegaze landscape, despite having helped practically invent the genre. Their sophomore release, 1993’s Mezcal Head, is one of the 90’s definitive shoegaze albums as well as a top-rated album in indie

Death Cab for Cutie—Thank You for Today

In the 20 years since Death Cab for Cutie made their debut with 1998’s Something About Airplanes, the band has had their ups and downs: indie cred that built to mainstream success, followed by a couple of lackluster albums with dwindling sales and, most recently,