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Sharptooth—Transitional Forms

By Tom Springer Out to prove exactly why they deserve that 100K a show, metalcore money, Sharptooth have dropped their latest release Transitional Forms for us to digest. The album brings something different to the table than just straightforward metalcore with often tongue in cheek

Gouge Away—Burnt Sugar

by Ken Jobe (@booksofjobe) In 2016, Florida’s Gouge Away released one of the year’s best (and perhaps most overlooked) hardcore albums with , Dies, a 13 song scorcher of a debut that spit sociopolitical fire and venom, and left listeners battered and bruised in its

Birds in Row—We Already Lost the World

by Ken Jobe (@booksofjobe) We Count So We Don’t Have to Listen, the opener to Birds in Row’s new album, starts with melodic, jangling guitar. That proves deceptive—a thirty second red herring, to lull you into a false sense of security before assaulting your ears