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Sleepsculptor—Entry: Dispersal

by Tom Springer

While a spinoff of the metalcore genre itself, mathcore is filled with its own sub genres, spinoffs, and variations. On one end you have the slightly more accessible bands that pull more from emo, metalcore, and even alt rock and on the other side you have bands that throw everything against the wall, pull from everywhere and anywhere, resulting in an extremely dense, layered, and complex sound that can be off putting or upsetting unless you already knew what you were getting into. Pennsylvania based band Sleepsculptor fall somewhere in the middle but make strides towards the more extreme end of things with their new album Entry: Dispersal. It’s a loud, brash, heavy, no holds barred metal album that hits all the right marks.

I discovered Sleepsculptor earlier this year when they played a show with another up and coming mathcore band The Callous Daoboys. I was completely blown away by their stage presence and sound. It was impossible to catch your breath during their set because of just how relentless and chaotic they were. Thankfully that same energy transfers to their recorded work as well.

The band hits you hard from the get go with the song Incomplete Forget featuring down tuned guitars, panic chords, and heavy blast beats all the staples of the mathcore genre. The band also incorporates guitar tapping, sliding scales, and growls that would be at home on any solid deathcore album. It’s a nice blend of styles and genres that never feels stale. The album hits like a freight train off the rails. If hell had a soundtrack it would be this and i would sin constantly just so I could hear it when I die.

Also worthy of mention are the guest features on the album. Carson from The Callous Daoboys brings his unique vocals to the track Relinquished. Sean Richmond of Arsonists Get All The Girls brings a nice flair to the song Libor Null. It’s impressive for a release like this to have features that strong. They also are integrated well and feel as a natural part of the songs.

Entry: Dispersal is an excellent first entry from a band looking to jump into a fairly crowded but diverse genre. While there’s nothing that really sets them apart Sleepsculptor have definitely shown they have what it takes to stand out. With this album they carve their own sound and place within the music scene and even though they walk in the footsteps of giants like The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza, Glass Cloud, and iwrestledabearonce, there’s enough substance for them to make a name for themselves. It’ll be interesting to see where they go from here but Entry: Dispersal is a great way to introduce themselves to the world.

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