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Monthly Archives: August 2020

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Episode 309: Bandcamp w Jimmy the Worm

Hey, look – a new episode! In Episode 309, Jeff talks finding gold in them thar Bandcamp hills with comedian Jimmy Callaway! Make sure to buy all your BC music and merch on the first Friday of every month, and in the meantime Jeff &

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Episode 308: Catching Up with Pearl Jam

Hello Ringers! Long time! In this solo episode Jeff dives deep and hard into the catalogue of one of his true loves –– the mainstream, dulcet tones of Seattle’s second favorite band, Pearl Jam. For those of you who dropped off of PJ’s radar back in

Sleepsculptor—Entry: Dispersal

by Tom Springer While a spinoff of the metalcore genre itself, mathcore is filled with its own sub genres, spinoffs, and variations. On one end you have the slightly more accessible bands that pull more from emo, metalcore, and even alt rock and on the