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Sharptooth—Transitional Forms

By Tom Springer

Out to prove exactly why they deserve that 100K a show, metalcore money, Sharptooth have dropped their latest release Transitional Forms for us to digest. The album brings something different to the table than just straightforward metalcore with often tongue in cheek lyrics, pro feminsist and political messages, and a playful style. While it might not set the world on fire it’s still a refreshing and fun 30 minutes.

The album kicks off with the second single and first music video released for the album called Say Nothing (In the Absence Of Content) and shows that the band really doesn’t take themselves too seriously with their witty humor by poking fun at the scene itself also while featuring a throwback hand clap break. Songs like 153 continue the blend of cheeky lyrics and a strong message tackling some pretty heavy subjects with deft and skill. Musically most of the album features pretty groovy riffs that are fun to bang your head to. While a few of the songs instrumentally get a bit repetitive and feel too straightforward it’s never enough to drag things down.

Lyrically the album speaks volumes and feels extremely personal. Songs like Mean Brain deal with depression and self loathing and honestly I related to the lyrics suffering from many of the same issues. The song Hirudinea tackles faux feminist men directly calling them out with lyrics like “You’re not a feminist just because you f*** one” and “You are nothing but a front” vocalist Lauren Kashan doesn’t pull any punches on the album. The song Evolution which features Justin Sane from punk band Anti-Flag, tackles caring about others and empathy, a message that is very rarely heard in the scene. From a lyrics perspective the album is a breath of fresh air in an often toxic industry.

Transitional Forms from Sharptooth is unabashedly pro empathy, pro civil rights, pro feminism and uniquely positioned in the metalcore scene. There’s a lot of layers to dissect and all of them leave a positive mark. The lyrics are unashamed and in your face with an overtly positive message juxtaposed against aggressive and loud instrumentals. It’s a rare take and ends up being one of the boldest, most fun, albums of this year. The band have laid down the gauntlet for others in their wake and hopefully it’s a sign of things to come.

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