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by Tom Springer

Orchards are a band I discovered with no hype. Simply by clicking on a youtube video during a late night music binge. The first song I was introduced to was called Peggy and I was hooked within seconds. From the ethereal vocals to the twinkly mathy guitars and disorderly drumming it was everything I was looking for. Their Losers/Lovers EP proved that they could be consistent beyond just a few singles but it’s finally time for their debut full length LP called Lovecore.

Orchards write pop music for people that like mathrock. The songs will have you hooked and tapping along to the beat. There’s just a sense of fun throughout the music even if the subject matter veers occasionally to the sad side of things. Songs like Luv You 2,Burn Alive, and Sooner feature these easy breezy verses that open up into bombastic sing along choruses. It’s hard to not be singing along. There are a few songs throughout like Girlfriend and Give Me that feature a slightly darker and more serious tone, they manage to stand out from the rest and cut like a knife. They’re certainly a nice change in style to keep any one sound from overstaying its welcome.

One of the strongest elements of the band and of this album is the vocal work from Lucy Evers. Her voice throughout is just intoxicating and feels like a smooth summer breeze. She has a way of just taking you on a journey by stringing the lines together. It’s especially evident on the chorus of the song Stealing Your Sleep and Severely Ovrwhelmed. Her voice is also perfectly suited for the often melodramatic and over the top sarcasm on songs like Burn Alive, one of my favorites. Honestly she has one of the best voices in the genre since Morrissey of The Smiths.

Lovecore is a huge debut from Orchards. The music scene is over saturated and yet there’s really nothing like this at this time. They’ve mixed the overdramatic and sarcasm from early 00s emo and brought in sharp rock instrumentals and mathy tunes. If you’re looking for a good pop rock album, Lovecore has everything you can ask for. There’s an almost overabundance of talent on display here and I’ll be looking forward to the next.

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