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Monthly Archives: June 2019

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Episode 221: Daughters

In honor of The Nale family welcoming new baby Alice into the world, the guys do songs with a daughter theme—having a daughter, being a daughter, or songs dedicated to a (new) daughter. Plus, Jeff gives his review of the classic Prince album 1999, Kansas

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Episode 220: Dogs

The guys are huge dog lovers and this week they devote an episode to songs about “dogs”, whether literal or metaphorical, you’ll have to listen to find out! There’s also music from Marissa Nadler (w/Stephen Brodsky), Jobe gives his review of They Say I’m Different

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Episode 219: Bluegrass (w/Bob Nale)

With Father’s Day around the corner, Jeff took the opportunity to talk with his dad, multi-instrumentalist Bob Nale, about his favorite genre: Bluegrass. And finally we have an episode you can listen to around your kids! Episode 219: Bluegrass (w/Bob Nale) With Father’s Day around

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Episode 218: Metal, Matured

No musical currents, no Spotify Wager, just heavy fucking metal. Jeff and Jobe pick up where last season’s metal episode left off—talking about the metal they warmed up to later in life (ie, the 2000’s to present day), and debating whether or not there’s a