Album Review: Author & Punisher—Beastland

Industrial Metal has become a fairly antiquated term, conjuring up visions of a still-relevant Al Jourgensen fronting Ministry in their Psalm 69 heyday, or Nine Inch Nails fronted by a lean, angry Trent Reznor before he had a fat bank account and an Oscar. While it never quite went away, industrial metal became almost more … Continue reading Album Review: Author & Punisher—Beastland

Review: The Restorations Stay Ambiguous and Glorious

THE RESTORATIONS – LP5000 (Tiny Engines)  Released: 9/28/2018 RIYL: Gaslight Anthem, War on Drugs The Restorations new album is short. Clocking in at twenty-four minutes over seven tracks, LP5000 risks giving the impression that it may have been rushed to release in an abbreviated state. But the Philly-based anthemists haven't released a note since 2016's (epic) single Alright Boys..., … Continue reading Review: The Restorations Stay Ambiguous and Glorious

Death Cab For Cutie Drive Down the Middle of the Road with Thank You For Today

In the 20 years since Death Cab for Cutie made their debut with 1998's Something About Airplanes, the band has had their ups and downs: indie cred that built to mainstream success, followed by a couple of lackluster albums with dwindling sales and, most recently, the departure of a core member. With the release of their ninth … Continue reading Death Cab For Cutie Drive Down the Middle of the Road with Thank You For Today

Band of Horses and A Young Fan’s Big Bang

Last Sunday at Wichita's legendary Cotillion Ballroom, I witnessed history. History for one young fan, anyway. Let me back up. Sunday afternoon I found myself with an extra ticket to the Band of Horses/Bonny Doon show (thanks again, Billy!) and had no one immediately in mind to go with me. After a moment, though, I … Continue reading Band of Horses and A Young Fan’s Big Bang

Episode 15: Best Sophomore Albums

No sophomore slumps here! Jeff and Jobe review their picks for the second albums from artists who really knocked it out of the park. As always, we have our Spotify Wager and Unsigned Artist Spotlight, and there’s  a new feature, too! In the first ever Listener Challenge, Ringing Ear fan Eddie asks the guys to … Continue reading Episode 15: Best Sophomore Albums

Episode 14: Best Live Sets

This week Jeff and Jobe share up their picks for favorite live performances. Be it live album or bootleg, the guys run the gamut from alternative to punk to hip hop to straight ahead Rock 'n' Roll and let you know what live sets will get your ears ringin'. Plus Jeff's reaction/review of Streams of … Continue reading Episode 14: Best Live Sets

Episode 13: Movie Music

The guys countdown their favorite songs featured in a film—from comedy to horror to mind-bending thriller, see what Jeff and Jobe pick as their Top 3. Plus, Jobee's reaction/review of Errorzone from Vein, music from Iceage, Alley Cats in the Unsigned Artist Spotlight, the Spotify Wager, and see what album one of the guys deems … Continue reading Episode 13: Movie Music

Album Review: Father John Misty—God’s Favorite Customer

Father John Misty, né Joshua Tillman, is a talented guy. Singer, songwriter, guitarist, drummer, producer...the guy can do it all. Unfortunately for him (or, more accurately, for the listener), simply being able to write and perform a song doesn't automatically make it compelling. While there's nothing inherently bad about the songs on God's Favorite Customer, … Continue reading Album Review: Father John Misty—God’s Favorite Customer

Album Review: Snail Mail—Lush

A dreamy, dissociative collection of lamentations written by ingenue (b. 2000) Lindsey Jordan. It shows potential – it’s replete with a distinct guitar effect and an unabashed melancholy – but if lo-fi ballads aren’t your bag, you’re going to find this quite boring. Nonetheless, we look forward to seeing what comes next from Ms. Jordan. 7/11 … Continue reading Album Review: Snail Mail—Lush