Album Review: Gouge Away—Burnt Sugar

In 2016, Florida's Gouge Away released one of the year's best (and perhaps most overlooked) hardcore albums with , Dies, a 13 song scorcher of a debut that spit sociopolitical fire and venom, and left listeners battered and bruised in its wake. The quartet have spent the intervening years touring with bands like G.L.O.S.S. and … Continue reading Album Review: Gouge Away—Burnt Sugar

Episode 12: Dead Heroes—Kurt Cobain

A new feature on the show, Dead Heroes, finds Jeff and Jobe shining a light on one of the most iconic rock stars of the 90s—Nirvana's Kurt Donald Cobain. Plus, the guys discuss the uncertain future of Tool in the face of allegations against Maynard James Keenan, a remembrance of Vinnie Paul, not to mention … Continue reading Episode 12: Dead Heroes—Kurt Cobain

Album Review: Nirvana—In Utero

We're taking a look back a classic album celebrating its 25th anniversary, to see if it has aged like fine wine or rotted like a heap of stinking garbage—Nirvana's follow up to the 1991 breakthrough, game-changing album Nevermind, In Utero. Thinking back on the record, I remember the stories behind it as much as the … Continue reading Album Review: Nirvana—In Utero

Album Review: Mudhoney—LiE (Live in Europe)

    When many people think of Seattle bands, and grunge in general, it's the same handful who made it big: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains. But if you dig deeper you find bands who, while never breaking through commercially the way grunge's 'Big 4' did, were in many ways just as good … Continue reading Album Review: Mudhoney—LiE (Live in Europe)