Band of Horses and A Young Fan’s Big Bang

Last Sunday at Wichita's legendary Cotillion Ballroom, I witnessed history. History for one young fan, anyway. Let me back up. Sunday afternoon I found myself with an extra ticket to the Band of Horses/Bonny Doon show (thanks again, Billy!) and had no one immediately in mind to go with me. After a moment, though, I … Continue reading Band of Horses and A Young Fan’s Big Bang

Episode 15: Best Sophomore Albums

No sophomore slumps here! Jeff and Jobe review their picks for the second albums from artists who really knocked it out of the park. As always, we have our Spotify Wager and Unsigned Artist Spotlight, and there’s  a new feature, too! In the first ever Listener Challenge, Ringing Ear fan Eddie asks the guys to … Continue reading Episode 15: Best Sophomore Albums

Album Review: Tanukichan—Sundays

Hannah Van Loon, aka Tanukichan, is not exactly reinventing the wheel on her debut LP Sundays, as much as she's modifying it. She creatively toys with shoegaze and dream pop, with plenty of indicators to give one the inkling that, while this is clearly familiar territory for the Oakland-based musician, it may be only a temporary … Continue reading Album Review: Tanukichan—Sundays

Episode 13: Movie Music

The guys countdown their favorite songs featured in a film—from comedy to horror to mind-bending thriller, see what Jeff and Jobe pick as their Top 3. Plus, Jobee's reaction/review of Errorzone from Vein, music from Iceage, Alley Cats in the Unsigned Artist Spotlight, the Spotify Wager, and see what album one of the guys deems … Continue reading Episode 13: Movie Music

Episode 12: Dead Heroes—Kurt Cobain

A new feature on the show, Dead Heroes, finds Jeff and Jobe shining a light on one of the most iconic rock stars of the 90s—Nirvana's Kurt Donald Cobain. Plus, the guys discuss the uncertain future of Tool in the face of allegations against Maynard James Keenan, a remembrance of Vinnie Paul, not to mention … Continue reading Episode 12: Dead Heroes—Kurt Cobain

Album Review: Nine Inch Nails—Bad Witch

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross don’t stray too far from their formula here on what some are calling their first proper album in years, although at 6 songs and 31 minutes, it’s hard to see how it could stand next to The Downward Spiral or Year Zero. Either way, we’re calling it an EP that … Continue reading Album Review: Nine Inch Nails—Bad Witch

Episode 7: Songs About Fucking

Pour some wine, light some candles, turn your lights down low...and listen to Jeff and Jobe's picks for songs involving sex—songs about it, and songs to playing while doing it. There's also music from Gil Landry and Daughters, and Jeff's review/reaction to A Ass Pocket of Whiskey by RL Burnside. Steve Empire is featured in … Continue reading Episode 7: Songs About Fucking

Episode 6: Breakup Songs

What can mend a broken heart? Maybe Jeff and Jobe's picks for best breakup songs! Episode 6 is up now, featuring the guys' Top 3 breakup songs, plus music from Hot Snakes and RL Burnside, Jobe's review/reaction to Water and Solutions by Far, the Spotify Wager, and music from The Stranger in the Unsigned Artist … Continue reading Episode 6: Breakup Songs

Episode 5: Song of the Year for the Past 3 Years

Jeff and Jobe give their picks for Song of the Year for 2015, 2016, and 2017, plus Jobe's review/reaction after listening to Radiohead's OK Computer, music from Turnstile, and San Diego's Nolander is featured in the Unsigned Artist Spotlight. Check out Episode 5: Song of the Year for the Past 3 Years, out now!