Liliana Burke

Liliana Burke is a 32 year old mixed indigenous photographer, multi-instrumentalist, writer, mixed media artist, and empath. She’s currently working on her first book, entitled, “Brine and Flower” which showcases both current and past poetry and short stories regarding the early onset of illness, abuse, and the various forms of discrimination she faced since childhood. Her main project, Gently Pressed, was created out of a necessity to have a creative outlet as concert photographer. As a person that has lived with a multitude of lifelong chronic illnesses and multiple disabilities, the challenge to find balance and joy in an unpredictable world has not been easy. However, is is her mission to thrive, find peace, share love, and explore ideas and emotions through art; to embrace the challenging process of discovering one’s abilities throughout chaos and finding joy by creating her most inward desires. Her world may seem dark at times but she seeks to be a light amongst the darkness. 

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