13 Scary Songs You Might Actually Enjoy

There are two schools of thought when it comes to music that pairs well with Halloween. Music that is fully entrenched in the holiday tend to be nothing more than #Shtick; palatable, safe, and categorically not scary (see: Bobby Pickett). The other end of the spectrum is less accessible, but only a Google search away are troves of abject darkness and noise, which is plenty frightening, but often unlistenable (see: Gorgoroth, Suicide, et. al). Songs that fall into the middle – say, "Thriller" – have all but been played into an early grave. Here to thread the needle, I offer 13 songs that are both, by the grace of the Dark Lord, creepy and yet still enjoyable.

The Afghan Whigs Aren’t Too Cool for You

Afghan Whigs – The Observatory North Park, San Diego, CA – 5/9/2018 You're at an Afghan Whigs show inside the beautifully renovated Observatory North Park, right in the middle of San Diego's hipster epicenter. But you are not one of the hipsters. You're forty-one. You do not blend in. But come to think of it, … Continue reading The Afghan Whigs Aren’t Too Cool for You

Album Review: A Perfect Side A

    ALBUM REVIEW: "Eat the Elephant" – A Perfect Circle (2018) I've never liked A Perfect Circle. When they debuted in 2000 with Mer de Noms, I was instantly disappointed by the band's lazy, faux-gothic approach to presenting the talents of an otherwise gifted singer Maynard James Keenan. Despite the pedigree that Keenan yielded … Continue reading Album Review: A Perfect Side A

Album Review: Hot Snakes Don’t Do Decaf

The last Hot Snakes album was released 14 damned years ago, and while it's unclear why John Reis, Rick Froberg, Gar Wood, and drummers Jason Kourkounis & Mario Rubalcaba decided to get the band back together, it is abundantly clear that it was a very, very good idea. They're back with Jericho Sirens (Sub>Pop), the fiercest … Continue reading Album Review: Hot Snakes Don’t Do Decaf