Album Review: Tanukichan—Sundays

Tanukichan—Sundays (Company, 2018)

Hannah Van Loon, aka Tanukichan, is not exactly reinventing the wheel on her debut LP Sundays, as much as she’s modifying it. She creatively toys with shoegaze and dream pop, with plenty of indicators to give one the inkling that, while this is clearly familiar territory for the Oakland-based musician, it may be only a temporary stop along the trajectory of her young career.

Sounding at once melancholy and breezy, Sundays layers spacey beats, ambient tones, and dreamy vocals with sometimes jarring fuzzed-out guitars in a way that offers an interesting contrast and, clocking in at a lean 31 minutes, thankfully doesn’t outstay its welcome. Hunned Bandz and Like a Sun are both standout tracks, most of which appear on the first half of the album.

The second half loses steam, and some of the subpar songs feature vocals reminiscent of a shy child being forced to perform for company in her family’s living room, but the lush production from Chaz Bear (Toro Y Moi) makes even the less interesting songs still easily listenable.

Overall, Sundays is a solid debut from an artist that has a hopefully long and slightly more exciting musical journey before her.

7/11 Ringing Ears

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