About The Ringing Ear

Greg Graffin, Bad Religion

Jeff and Jobe met in the early 90s, through a mutual friend (RIP Michael Louis Calvillo—buy his trippy, awesome horror novels here), though they probably would’ve met eventually anyway. Working at competing music stores, the two liked to check out the competition and frequent the other’s store. Both being the somewhat shy, awkward, introverts that they were, they were acquaintances—and one-time bandmates—but were never especially close friends.

Fast forward roughly 25 years, to 2015.

One’s career path combined with the other’s life-changing decision which set off a roller coaster of events put the two back in touch (social media friendship aside), and discussions of life, music, movies, and the occasional stripper story sowed the seeds for the beginning of a true friendship. As time progressed, both continued pursuing their other passion, writing, and discussing music at every opportunity. By 2017, both of them were writing concert reviews—in Jeff’s case, for various publications, and in Jobe’s case, for his personal website, BooksofJobe.com.

In late 2017, the two decided on a lark to eschew their better judgement and start a music podcast, and behold, The Ringing Ear was born. As the show grows, Jeff and Jobe hope to share their love of all genres of music with their listeners, giving recommendations of what they think is great and getting recommendations from listeners as well, because there’s one thing they believe we can all agree on: life’s too short for boring music.